burrbaby_1They were as wild as they come. A completely under-socialized litter of puppies. And this one… Made a little worse by the fact that the others were caught before him. Giving him that extra few days of fear and uncertainty. Not to mention a few more days to add a few more stickers/burrs to his long coat. How uncomfortable they had to be on top of how scared he must’ve been…

burrbaby_2Finally and thankfully caught this little baby who had to be sedated in order to be shaved to give him the most immediate relief from the burrs digging into him. A little alligator puppy as we call them when they’re constantly snapping at you out of fear.
But then rescue happens. And transport happens. And a foster home happens and before you know it in just a matter of days a forever home happens.
And this is what you have.

burrbaby_3A beautiful, confident and forever loved little boy. Every time we have a wild puppy turn so quickly it keeps our faith strong that with every wild puppy we get…this will be the outcome.

Please. Help keep us in motion today and tomorrow to get others who are simply scared and know no human touch and need us. Our gas account and daily expense coffers are lower than they have been since the first of the year. Please think of us today as we are already out and about.

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Thank you. ❤