A disaster-relief approach

Rez Dogs.

Such a complicated subject. More so than you could possibly imagine…especially when we look at them through the lens of our off-reservation lives.

Recently under a post on our Facebook page, we ended up having a conversation where I shared some things that I decided should be a post in and of itself.

If you have ever wondered if we are seeing a visible difference on Pine Ridge and Rosebud… If you have ever wondered why it’s not under control yet…If you really really want to allow me to take a few minutes of your life to have a teaching moment regarding these dogs…Please consider reading on.

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burrbaby_1They were as wild as they come. A completely under-socialized litter of puppies. And this one… Made a little worse by the fact that the others were caught before him. Giving him that extra few days of fear and uncertainty. Not to mention a few more days to add a few more stickers/burrs to his long coat. How uncomfortable they had to be on top of how scared he must’ve been…

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Imagine living within the borders of a nation…that had animal control facilities and veterinarians equaling zero.

And we are not talking a neighborhood, or a little community, we are talking about a mostly rural environment the size of the state of Rhode Island and Delaware combined. With no animal control vehicles. And I say again…with no veterinarians. And thousands of free roaming unowned or unwanted animals. Most who will be born not belonging to anyone and who will die not belonging to anyone.

You have lived here your whole life. And there has never been regular go-to help for the sick, starving and abandoned animals that you must live amongst. Imagine that you are an animal lover and you can do little or nothing.

So a cycle begins. No alternatives. No options. You take one home here and one home there and you try your best but most of the time…You look the other way. It’s all you can do. No options.

But then things change…

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lightshine_bowie_agreaterpurposeI came to you for a reason.

And I have left you for a reason.

I needed care… I wanted to feel love… And you needed to see my face…You needed to see my eyes.

Look into them and promise me that if you ever see a dog in trouble you will let someone know. If you have a dog in trouble you will let someone know.

I did not get this way overnight. If you saw me and you did nothing I want you to remember my eyes. If you have ever seen an animal in distress and did nothing…I want you to remember my eyes. And the next time you reach down and make a difference in the life of a four legged… It will be because you remember my eyes.

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